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How does PANDORA locate its products?
Posted by: RaaWilkin
Date: November 16, 2018 01:30AM
Frequency is what makes us different in the market. We launch 7-10 new collections each year (so-called drops): every season, and all major festivals: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas.

pandora au 50%-Pre Black Friday Sale We offer affordable luxury. We make stylish, feminine and modern jewellery that is worn every day, inspiring women to embrace their individuality and express their personal style. Our jewellery combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology - we have our own modern factory, but each piece is handmade and all jewels are hand-set. We offer the same production process as luxury jewellery at a reasonable price. Of course, PANDORA's positioning in Poland is different from other markets, depending on purchasing power. The product life cycle is different in Western countries, where jewellery is purchased more frequently: women there buy jewelry to suit new clothes. In Poland, jewelry is still not a daily purchase.

pandora disney au Pre Black Friday Sale The more we are eager to express ourselves, our emotions - also through the jewelry we choose. We produce jewelry for women, but men often buy our jewelry as a gift for loved ones. Of course, some gifts are later replaced with other items, but we also have an online wish list where you can create your own suit. This is a great help for both men and women. Usually, a man takes a catalogue into the store and circulates the required parts.

pandora bracelet charms cheap We are now getting rid of multi-brand stores and non-brand sales. Our stores, including our own stores and franchise stores, are concept stores, and we display the same products all over the world, including our own furniture. The customer experience is very important: no matter where the customer is, our customers should get the same shopping experience.

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