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Dignity is the mother of virtue
Posted by: gfgfgfgfgfgf5
Date: October 31, 2018 10:52PM
Dignity is the mother of virtue. Everyone has the dignity he deserves. One day, I meet someone who harms the dignity of others.just left school that day. Seeing a ragged man, his face is dirty. Both hands are broken, and whoever sees them will use his kind heart and will give him money. No guess, he is a poor jealousy. pedestrians who crossed the road bent down and threw the money in the broken bowl in front of the donkey. But there is one person who is different. He does not care to throw the money next to the broken bowl and left. This cockroach looked at the money and looked at the people who had just gone Online Cigarettes, shook his head helplessly. I thought I should want to exchange the money for that person, but he did not have the hand to take the disrespectful piece of money person who walked through, although he knew that he had not received it, couldn��t look down on the money, but he still had his hand and could not pick up his disrespectful piece of money Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I am extremely dissatisfied with this person's attitude. Although he is caring, he is not ashamed of his own dignity. am I so dissatisfied with this person? Because I have learned the unit of dignity, I know that in fact Carton Of Marlboro Reds, both the poor and the rich, and the beautiful and ugly people have the dignity they deserve. But this person did not give others dignity at all. After this incident, I want to use Schiller's words to warn such people: "A person who does not know his own dignity cannot obtain dignity."w we should persuade these people to let everyone in this world know how to be dignified. Everyone must be a person who respects the dignity of others. I love books, I love reading books, and there are countless stories between me and books, but one of them is the deepest impression I have. was a warm spring, and I went shopping with my mother. The sun was softly scattered on me, and on that day, I was extremely excited.came to the street, this, look. Suddenly, I saw the words "Xinhua Bookstore". At this time, my heart tickles and pulled my mother into the bookstore.Wow! There are so many books in the bookstore!" I was dazzled. There are many books neatly placed on the bookshelf Cigarettes Online. Each one is so attractive. It seems to open your mouth and say, "Come and buy me home!" After a while, I picked a book that satisfied me. - "Up and down five thousand years", I read for a while, completely immersed in a wonderful story in the book. "Hey! Let's go!" Mom pulled me out of the world of books. I stuttered and said, "Mom, I... I... want to buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping... this book..." Mom said harshly: "Buy. What to buy, your book is not enough! To buy yourself, don't worry if I want a penny!" I thought: Oh! What's great, buy it yourself! Really disappointing.eluctantly walked out of the bookstore. When I got home, I still remembered the book in my heart. "No! I want to buy a book! Be sure to buy it!" I said firmly. "Well... that book is 55 yuan, my daily pocket money is 10 yuan, except for the money, meals, snacks, and money left in the car... Oh, the money is really bad, it seems that I don��t eat snacks. The hard days are coming."

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