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Today is September 1, the first day of s
Posted by: ylq
Date: August 03, 2018 09:33PM
Today is September 1, the first day of school. All the students in grades 2-6 of our school came to the playground in a neat team and attended the flag-raising ceremony held by the schohe flag-raising ceremony, now, the flag." Only the drums were heard and deafening. The three flag-bearers took firm steps and handed the flag to the flag-beae national flag, respect the team ceremony, play the national anthem." The voice just fell, thousands of right hand five fingers close together, held high above the head; thousands of pairs of eyes watching together the bright red flag slowly rising in the bright national anthem Cigarettes Online. When the flag reaches the top of the flagpole, the sky reflects a ray of lightthe national anthem." "Get up, people who don't want to be slaves, build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall..." In the majestic national anthem, the five-star red flag flutters in the wind Marlboro this flying five-star red flag, I can't help but think of it: On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao raised the first five-star red flag in Tiananmen Square. Countless Olympic athletes fing ceremony is over, but the national anthem is still echoing in my ear. How beautiful our life today is, and it is not the revolutionary martyrs who exchanged their lives Marlboro Red 100S. We must cherish and study hard to let the five-star red flag fly forever.With the autumn wind bursting into Xiao Xiao, a train heading for Guangzhou flew away. Looking at the car shadow that my parents left, my tears slippedhts have already come to my mind when you left. It��s not that I don��t follow the agreeeft me for the first time, and only came back three times in the middle, which is the reason for the annual leave. When I left, I was sad for a few days, and I couldn��t eat and s to the class, and raised my hand to answer the questions. I took the homework seriously square words are like an elf jumping at my fingertips; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing makes me forget the troubles; English words make me feel a sense of accomplishment. When I discussed and studied with my classmates, I said nothing. I feel great hathe sky every night. The sky is vast How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, and my mood tends to change with the weather. Sometimes it is sunny, the moon is like a gem embedded in huge blue-black glass, with a soft glow. I saw the shadow of the sly, we may be the same, as lonely, but firmly guarded where they are. I saw your smile again Marlboro Gold Pack, Dad: drink less wine. Mom: Does your stomach still hurt? My daughter is working hard, I am here waiting for you to go home. Sometimes it is gloomy, and the faint drizzle comes silently, and it is scattered on my heart. The black sky is so t I wrote well. And my writing has improved a lot! By the way, I have to be mentally prepared, I can't cry on the day without use!

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