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The dream is flying at the
Posted by: ylq
Date: August 03, 2018 09:33PM
The dream is flying at the foot of the Great Wall, hoping to ignite in our minds. A bright light in the darkness guides where we are going. Remember that Socrates said: The happiest thing in the world is to fight for the ideal. We never doubt, because dreams can become reality as long as theyDream", the "country" associated with "dream" is no longer empty, and the "dream" associated with "I" is no longer abstract. The "Chinese Dream" here is not a series of beautiful macro data. It is not the "Rise of the Great Powers" on the bestseller list. It is not a flower basket or a stamped label sent by foreign media. It belongs to every ordinary Chinese. "Country" should provide a fair opportunity and a soil for justice for each social individual to achieve self-worth Carton Of Cigarettes, and provide the greatest guarantee for their decent work, dignified life, and reasonable rise. And "I" Marlboro Cigarettes Online, in the process of changing their own destiny, look and share each other, inject more confidence, warmth and hope into this era, this society, this country, the material is getting richer, the national strength continues to improve, the first in the new century Ten years is about to finish, "My dream? Chinese dream" is less heavy, more free and open, and more flashing the spiritual demand. As the first lesson of the school begins, today��s dreams are not necessarily grand narratives. Yuan Longping��s ��to the age of 90, planting a thousand kilograms of hybrid rice per mu�� is a dream. Tibetan girls on the plateau like to dance. It is also a dream to be a dance teacher in the future. Dreams are not necessarily so self, so "native", so material, creating wealth is a dream, the wealth of hands to return to the world, affecting the world is also a dream. Perhaps, there are still some confusions in "My Dream". There are still too many places in the "Chinese Dream" that need self-improvement and improvement Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, but each dream deserves respect and should be given the opportunity to be released on an equal is. But I know better that when a mother successfully treats a patient, the happiness and pride in her heart is unimaginable Marlboro Lights. I hope that there will be many students who have these dreams, and everyone can work together. Maybe China in the future will reduce a lot of sadness and pain, and there will be a lot of laughter and laughter Newport 100S. To contribute nese dream", just as everyone can look up at the stars, starlight on everyone's face, illuminate a more abundant life, and illuminate a more splendid China.

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