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What is the difference between cartridge and toner cartridge?
Posted by: adtozhou
Date: January 26, 2018 01:35AM
Toner cartridges, also known as drums, are made of a base material made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the base material. At the same time, it is also a light-sensitive device that has a light-transmitting property. Cartridge not only determines the print quality is good or bad, but also determines the user how much money spent in the use of the process. In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components in the cartridge, the print quality is actually very much depends on the cartridge, so that the cartridge is a laser printer core components. Generally composed of aluminum tubes and photosensitive materials, the surface is generally composed of three layers of material, and some special cartridge, the surface will have 4 to 5 layers of material. In addition to the first three ordinary cartridge, the fourth, fifth layer designed to protect the photosensitive layer, in order to protect the long drum cartridge life.

Toner, in fact, we often say that the toner toner cartridge, the correct name is the toner cartridge. Toner is a solid powder material, toner cartridge is provided to the multi-function copier and laser printer copy supplies products. Refers to the cartridge used to print, imaging material. Although the main ingredient is carbon, toner particles in cartridges are much smaller and chemically more stable than some of our everyday toners, and therefore have an extremely high image quality.

In fact, only in the laser printer, will be referred to cartridges or hp cf230x, the toner cartridge has a certain life, the toner cartridge is used to hold toner components. From the structural point of view, the cartridge is divided into two types of integrated cartridges and separate cartridges, integrated cartridge is the cartridge and the photosensitive drum integrated in the same device, when the toner runs out or the photosensitive drum damage, the two replaced together . Disassembled cartridge is the cartridge and cartridge are separate, both can be disassembled, when the toner runs out, you only need to replace the new cartridge can, as long as the cartridge life is not yet, you can continue to use.

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