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The National Animal of Sudan........................
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: December 04, 2007 08:34AM
While this ain't no little stuffed teddy bear named Mohammed, it is a completely insensitive poke in the eye to all those camel jockeys running around the streets of Khartoum yelling for the execution of a totally innocent female English school teacher. This here is Mohammed Wallah, all half ton of his bacon on the hoof until this kid mistook him for a button buck on opening day of Youth Season. I'm gonna miss old Mohammed Wallah (we just called him Bubba for short), but it took three freezers to hold all the bacon, hams, and pork tenderloin that he was made of. I reckon we can have a big cookout and invite all the Sudanese college students in for a free meal....after all, those college kids will eat anything that's free.
Meanwhile, looks like Mohammed Wallah hooked up with some of the local swine sweethearts and there's gonna be a crop of Mohammed Wallah, Juniors, from 1 through 16 coming along soon. Might need some help getting names for all of 'em, but I know a book that has a bunch of 'em......

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