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Amazon and Nike are charting a course for the store of the future
Posted by: AmberHison
Date: November 16, 2018 08:54PM
Nike opened the first Nike Live concept store in Los Angeles in July. New technology is being incorporated into stores, and the results are finally beginning to show. Advanced companies like Amazon and Nike are completely changing the idea of ​​what it means to have a physical store. Nike's Live concept store, which chooses items to store when analyzing customer data, and Amazon's Go concept, which uses simple outlet technology instead of cash machines, are two examples of how the industry thinks of stores it is changing.

nike uk store 50%-Pre Black Friday Sale Retail is changing faster than ever. Although much has been said about how online shopping is changing the retail landscape, forcing traditional shopping centers such as shopping malls to close, it is only now that the future of the industry is really focusing. And yes, it is digital, just as we were promised. Amazon and, more recently, Nike, have debuted the concepts of stores that put their digital intelligence at the center of attention by offering new experiences to customers.

Nike uses the data extracted from online purchases to inform the products stored in its new store, which opened in July. It is Nike Live's first concept store, which seeks to maximize speed and convenience by combining digital offerings with a 4,000-square-foot physical. Commercial location Called Nike by Melrose, the store is a representation of the favorites of customers in the area, in this case, the West Hollywood part of Los Angeles. Much of this information was obtained from customers who used Nike's online services, whether they were shopping on or were members of Nike Plus.

nike shoes clearance sale For example, customers in Los Angeles buy a large quantity of Nike Cortez, a low-cut, retro-style sneaker. Nike knows this by observing your shopping habits, so you can store more shoes in more colors and display them prominently. The store has products in categories such as lifestyle and career, which are two of Nike's most popular. It focuses mainly on serving customers who care about style and physical form. The store has products for both men and women, but allows a variation based on the preferred styles of each gender. That marriage of digital prowess and experience in physical stores is the hallmark of Nike Live stores. "This represents much more what consumers think about shopping." Do not put the wall between the physical and the digital, "said Heidi O'Neill, president of Nike's direct consumer business, to Business Insider during a visit to the new store shortly after its opening.

nike shoes cheapest price Customers can also use the Nike retail application to scan product barcodes and get more information about them, including the sizes and colors the store has in stock. Nike is also adding convenience-oriented features, such as curbside pickup and digital reservations in lockers you can open with your phones. With Nike Live, the company will have what you want, where you want it, and help you get it with as little friction as possible.

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