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Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: December 17, 2011 10:54AM
Cowboy lost out on a couple of does this morning due to failure on my part to double check his Cabela's Sporterized Hawken. I loaded the rifle for him, but failed to shoot a clearing shot with a percussion cap only before loading. Predictably he got two hangfires while sitting on the stand. This was completely my fault, but I have not used the Hawken in a few years, and little details like that tend to move to the back burner. The deer trotted away, but were not scared enough to run, so chances are they will be back tomorrow morning. Next time Jeremy will be using the Knight Disc Hunter, and it does not misfire due to the 209 shotshell primer system and the inline design. Nothing moved at my stand, so the Knight rifle is still loaded and ready to go.

A man has got to know his limitations.
"Dirty Harry" Callaghan

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