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NFL doesn’t necessarily operate in the real world
Posted by: shelleys
Date: May 20, 2011 09:57PM
The players would like owners to fund benefits for former players and create a system where current NFL players would be given the option to remain in the player medical program for life.

The players also don’t want to agree to any revenue split less than the 60-40 split they received as part of the last deal unless the owners agree to open up their books to the union so they can see exactly what their revenues and expenditures are. Some people hold the belief that the owners are the business owners who are taking the financial risk and, therefore, should not have to open their books to the players. Furthermore, many believe that the owners should also be the ones to decide who gets paid what because that’s how businesses operate in the real world. The problem is, the NFL doesn’t necessarily operate in the real world. It operates in a universe unto itself.

When you consider the revenue each team receives from the league’s television contracts alone, it’s enough to cover the team’s payroll. In 2010, each NFL team received roughly $118 million dollars from the league’s TV deals. That number will increase in 2011 NFL Season with a new contract in place with Direct NFL TV for the Sunday Ticket. Some believe that the owners don’t want to open their books to the players because they don’t want their fellow owners to know what they are making. Maybe that’s true. Then again, we really don’t know what or who to believe, do we?


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