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Can Les Coach Basketball???
Posted by: LCX-110
Date: February 08, 2008 11:47AM
Cause John Brady just got fired........Seems not long ago LSU was in the Final Four.........They don't have a problem Reloading for Football looks like the Basketball team wouldn't have any trouble keeping a top notch B-Ball team:shrug:.....You may find this hard to belive but I never liked Brady its not just a LSU thing I had/have a respect for Nick Saban coaching ability....Oh by the way did you see where his recruiting class ended up in the final rankings??....#3.....Bama is going to be VERY tough soon....The Western Division is going to be very tough with LSU,Bama, Auburn and Arkansas in the coming years......

Go Hogs!!!

Re: Can Les Coach Basketball???
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: February 28, 2008 05:21PM
Well,,,,maybe Auburn and LSU.:devil: Les could coach the LSU full contact tiddlywinks team to the NCAA title if they needed him. I was never a monster John Brady fan either. It is unfortunate that the boys over in Tuscaloosa spent all that money to hire What's-His-Face from Miami, and they still won't have anything to show for it. LSU will keep winning the west, with Auburn and Tenn. sneaking in there occasionally, and Tommy Tuberville will keep kicking their ass for the state championship. Where's Little Nick gonna run to this next time? Might be some opening at a couple of Division II teams but the money won't be as good.
Ya heard it first here.....

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