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"Coach" Herbstreit Strikes again.........
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: December 28, 2007 09:05AM
Watched the Az State - Texas game last night played in San Diego. Az ranked #11, Texas #19. In the pregame show Ol' Herbie once again enlightend us with his complete grasp of the game as it is played on paper, and gave a pretty convincing argument why Arizona was going to have a light scrimmage while romping all over the field against Texas.
After his analysis was complete, I was pretty sure Texas would win, but even I was surprised at how thorougly the Longhorns completely, 100% dominated every phase of the game. No matter how well or how badly they executed, everything worked. They even gave up a touchdown on the Bonehead Play of the Year when Mac Brown's stepson inadvertently stepped out on the field and touched a fumbled ball.....but UT came right back and scored again to negate that TD by Arizona St. Herbie the Fortune Teller wasn't close in any department of his pre-game analysis. Maybe his sources for last night's game are the same one that guaranteed Les Miles was packed and on his way to Michigan.
Geaux Tigers!

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