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Liu said she was very disappointed that n
Posted by: zhangsan520
Date: March 14, 2019 04:02AM
QINGDAO, July 31 (Xinhua) -- A total of 1,007 robots danced for a minute in east China's Shandong Province, setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous robot dance.

At around 3 p.m. on Saturday, 1,040 robots, each 43.8 centimeters high, started their synchronized dance in Huangdao District of Qingdao City, and 1,007 of them finished the challenge.

It beat the previous Guinness record set during a mass dance of 540 robots in February in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, said Wu Xiaohong, a Guinness World Records notary.

Wu said robots that fell or stopped before the one minute mark were not counted in the results.

Quan Jinyou, Chief Technology Officer of Qingdao-based Ever Win Company, Ltd., which produced the robots, said the biggest challenge for remote control of the robots is radio frequency interference, such as from mobile phones or Bluetooth devices. He said the company's encryption technology avoids this interference.

Li Jing

Snap shots from the surveillance video on the bus. Caption: the driver and the two men stopped Liu from calling the police and her family. (Captions are from the narration of Liu Le.) Snap shots from the surveillance video on the bus. Caption: The two men dragged Liu off the bus while the driver watched. (Captions are from the narration of Liu Le.) Snap shots from the surveillance video on the bus. Caption: the driver seemed to made a gesture as the two men shoved Liu off the bus. (Captions are from the narration of Liu Le.)

22-year-old Liu Le (assumed name) said she had been sexually harassed on a running bus last week , for which she called out loud for help, but no one on the bus, including the driver , minded to help her. She was dragged off and bullied by the suspects later.

Liu Le lives in Sheqi county of China’s central Henan province. She’s doing an intern now at a hospital in the nearby Nanyang city. At about 5 o’clock on December 5th she took a bus from Nanyang city for home. She seated herself by the window at the third row behind the driver, and later a man aged around 50 came over and sat next to her.

The man kept touching her legs, according to Liu. He didn’t stop even when Liu put her handbag between the man and her seat.

“I stood up immediately , and asked the driver to call police,” Liu said, but he just drove on as if he didn’t hear anything. So she called her father , but the man flung her down to the seat and snatched her cell phone.

Meanwhile, another man with a cap also came by and asked the driver to pull over. The bus stopped at a nearby hospital. Liu was shoved off the bus by the two men while they tried to rob her purse and cell phone again.

Liu said she passed out after being punched by the men. Fortunately, her father arrived and seized the older man to the police , though the other man with the cap ran off.

Liu’s father told the press he received his daughter’s call at 5:16 pm and drove immediately to help her. He called her several times from 5:20 to 5:23 pm, but she didn’t answer. He called the police at 5:25 pm.

“I’m so angry about the bus driver. Why wasn’t he doing anything hearing passenger’s plea for help?” said Liu’s father.

Mr. Liu searched for his daughter around the venue she told him in the phone and heard her cries near the hospital. He went over and grabbed the man who’s beating his daughter, when the other man fled away.

The suspect , a 51-year-old man surnamed Wang, has been convicted of causing disturbances and was punished with a 15-day detainment. He was found to have a criminal record of thefts for multiple times.

As for Liu’s accusation of sexual harassment, the police said they had already started to probe into the case; once they find more evidences , further convictions may be imposed on Wang.

Liu said she was very disappointed that none of the passengers offered help on the bus. She even doubted whether the bus driver was related to the two men.

The bus driver Hu Heping has been suspended from his job and is also being investigated currently.

Plastic Packaging Product Market Capacity, Production Status and Outlook to 2022

by kailash404 · March 8, 2019

[382019]:聽 The global plastic packaging product market is expected to display higher growth rate over the next five years. Rapid surge in the plastic packaging product market is credited to soaring demand for convenient & sustainable packaging solutions. Rapid industrialization in BRICS economies such as Brazil , Russia, India, China and South Africa is expected to stimulate market growth of plastic packaging product market in the upcoming years. Additionally , increasing industrial activities, growing manufacturing output and strong economic growth in the Asia Pacific region are estimated to expand market reach of the plastic packaging products over the forecast period.

Increasing demand for bioplastics and growing availability of plastic grades like polyethylene terephthalate (PET) & polyethylene (PE) for convenient & sustainable packaging solutions are expected to drive market growth over the next five years. The recent technological advancement in the manufacturing sector coupled with development of advanced packaging solution are anticipated to boost market growth over the forecast period. Globally, the market is predicted to generate massive revenue over next five years , providing numerous opportunities for market players to invest for research and development in the plastic packaging product market.

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