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World Record B-b-b-bass...
Posted by: Tablerock
Date: March 21, 2006 08:08AM
Somebody caught a real hawgtoad.....

Here is a second story.

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Re: World Record B-b-b-bass...
Posted by: bullitt
Date: March 22, 2006 06:01AM
That fish is absolutely immense. I can't imagine catching something like that.
It also raises a lot of questions.
Why on earth didn't they measure it, and why did the dock not have certified scales when the potential for the record obviously existed in that small lake?

Re: World Record B-b-b-bass...
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: April 07, 2006 09:47AM
As it turns out, the fish was snagged, and thus not eligible for the record book. A credible number of people saw the guy "catch" the bass and he decided to forego the process of filing for world record recognition. It was a true monster anyway.

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