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Requiem for a Record Fish
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: May 12, 2008 06:55AM
Got an article from the ESPN website this morning. Dottie, the huge largemouth that lived in Lake Dixon out in Califormia, and was the well publicized new world record-not a new world record-maybe a new world record.....was found dead floating in the water by one of the Conservation agents that works the lake. She was given the name because of spots on her gill plates that gave her a distinctive look. The third time the fish was caught off her spawning bed, her weight was over 25lbs, shattering the existing record.
However, the fisherman who caught and landed her noticed he had foul hooked her and declined to submit her for the world record.
The fish died of old age before anyone could catch her again. The complete article can be found at

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