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Tresspass Fee
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: February 28, 2009 02:16PM
One of the things us country bumpkins have to put up with is strangers releasing packs of dogs to chase coyotes across our land.....which they don't pay any taxes on, don't do any upkeep, and of course, never ask if there's anything they can do to help from time to time. That's OK.....I have figured out a "tresspass fee" that probably pisses them off, but it works for me, I have a great time at their expense, and it sorta makes up for the loss of good calling after the couple of dozen dogs have chased the local coyotes all over east Polk County: when the dogs show up and start baying behind the house, I suit up in regular camo, or in the case of this morning in the middle of a snow storm, I cover up with Mil Spec white snow camo with a few black splotches on it....very effective for this kind of weather. I got my old faithful .243 Ruger #1 off the rack , tracked down a camo foam cushion, and headed back. Within 15 minutes the pack was running along my south fence row, coming from the west. Before I realized it, a coyote materialized running at full speed into the woods on my hilltop. I got off a quick shot, but only scared him. Apparently he got up to the ridgeline and turned west again with the pack in hot pursuit. I figured the fun was over for the day and headed back toward the house, but before I could got to the top of the hill the pack turned and was headed back my way.
I set up under a big sycamore tree overlooking the entire south fenceline. I watched a couple of deer come bounding out of the woods on my neighbor's pasture, then a coyote came slipping along the fence row about 275 to 300 yards out. I found it in the crosshairs and knocked it down with the first shot. The coyote's head was still up, so I reloaded and hit it again, but apparently not a killing shot. It staggered up and half crawled back into the wood lot from where it had come. By the time I walked down to the pond, the pack had arrived , found the blood trail, and was chewing on the coyote pretty good. I let them go at it for a couple of minutes, then noticed the 'yote was still (barely) alive. I chased the dogs off and put a round through its head to bring the chase to a conclusion. Now that might have deprived the pack of a lot of chasing, but I figure it's a fair exchange that they run the coyote to me, I shoot it, and they get to gnaw on the carcass. With the snow continuing, I reckon the coyote boys will be back tomorrow morning, and I'll be out to collect the trespass fee again....

A man has got to know his limitations.
"Dirty Harry" Callaghan

Re: Tresspass Fee
Posted by: LCX-110
Date: March 03, 2009 08:44AM
Sounds good.

Go Hogs!!!

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