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Fox Hunting Must Be Stopped Now.........
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: December 06, 2007 06:44PM
I was shocked to see that things like this are allowed to go on. As sportsmen, we are all responsible to keep this kind of stuff out of our time honored hunting traditions. Take a look for yourself and see if you don't agree with me that it has to be stopped before it spreads:


Re: Fox Hunting Must Be Stopped Now.........
Anonymous User
Date: December 09, 2007 07:01PM
CW i do not agree. I think rabbit hunting by any method is MEAT IN THE POT. as far as the rabbit's
wellfare goes i think the picture you posted is more humane that a pack of dogs and 22 rifles.
especially if the shooter (fox) is an above average shooter and has an excellent reteriver.
however this is all based on the fact that the fox can cook.
CW wife read this and said. "you guys don't make much money but
you have lotta fun"

Re: Fox Hunting Must Be Stopped Now.........
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: December 09, 2007 11:14PM
Wilda is right.....aint nobody pushing Donald Trump off the top of the list, but I'm having fun. The day it stops being fun is the day somebody else drives the train for Guvner, or he might pull the plug.
I enjoy good fried rabbit, but wild ones sometimes carry tularemia, or "rabbit fever". If you nick yourself while cleaning the rabbit, it can git ya. My wife would not touch rabbit on a bet if she knew what it was, but I love it. I think Hunter91 and Lil Hunter get out in the briars and go after them with beagles, which is a lot of fun I reckon. Sometimes it's hard to tell who gets the worse end of the deal....the rabbits or the scratched up, cut up, beat up rabbit hunters. Of course, a pot of hassenpfeffer goes a long way toward making the hunters feel better. (I think I spelled that right):stretcher: :thumbup:

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