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Electronic predator call
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: September 09, 2007 08:37PM
As you guys know, I love coyote calling gadgets. I started with a heavy Johnny Stewart JS 512 cassette tape player, learned to make my own mouth calls, then saw the light when the digital callers came out. Unfortunately "seeing the light" can be quite expensive...over five hundred bucks for a top of the line caller with remote control, so I never used one. Couple of weeks ago I was in north Louisiana to pay final respects to a friend of mine who had passed away. I found myself in the Ruston SuperCenter where they had a really cute little handheld caller that was less than thirty bucks, had six predator calling sounds on the card, and the sound card is easily interchangeable with several other types of calling cards the company makes, and the sound cards are only fifteen bucks each. I got it figuring it would be too low on volume to be really useful, but for thirty bucks you can't go too far wrong. Turns out I was correct about the volume, but the unit comes with a mini jack to hook it up to an external (optional) speaker. As luck would have it, that jack also fits the patch cord that goes with a tiny little mini-amplifier that powers the speaker from another digital caller. I kinda jury rigged it all up and the sound is almost perfect. Once the song dogs start coming out early and late, we have lots of overdue business to discuss and this little caller is going to be the go-to sound source. If that don't work, I can unplug the caller from the amp and replace it with a portable CD player or a tiny little MP3 player with a couple of tracks on it. The speaker, amp, wiring, and extra batteries, along with the additional sound sources weighs less than a couple of pounds, fits in a small zipper type cooler, and deploys quickly. This is a good way to beat the high cost of the digital callers.

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