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The night is long
Posted by: ylq
Date: August 15, 2019 09:00PM
The night is long and long, and after sleeping, I feel that I can��t hope for dawn. It��s easy to go to sleep, my husband gets out of bed at night, wakes me up, I turn over and over, my eyes are bright, and it��s hard to go to sleep. When people come back and fall down, they sleep, and the sweet snoring flies in the night. Listening to her husband's well-proportioned breathing, sleepy and fragrant, I dare not turn over, afraid to wake him up, affecting the quality of his sleep. In the daytime, in your sleep. I chatted with several government politicians and said that my classmates were promoted to the director of the Municipal Grain Bureau. Hahaha, I am happy for him. My heart is as sweet and refreshing as honey, and it is very aromatic. When I was happy, I took some students to the mountains. The trees are dense and the green is full of hills. I don't know what to do on the mountain, the children are embarrassed, happy, all the way. Suddenly, the phone ringing in the silent night, the first feeling may be that the father has an ominous, I am afraid to get up to the extreme to start, it turned out to be a nightmare. But when I woke up, my heart beat wildly, and I held my heart in my hand. After a long time, my heart was stable and my panic was restored. My father was 77 years old. The year before the twelfth lunar month, I was sick. The more healed, the more he is now. Sitting in the bed, the weather has become cold recently, my father has caught a cold again, and the amount of meals has been greatly reduced. I am worried that my father��s time will not be too long. I have been anxious and panic every day Wholesale Cigarettes. Although my father��s life can��t take care of himself and bring a lot of burden to his family, I still hope that my father can get through this barrier and let life be extended again. With a father, we have a concern, a share, and hope. My father was raised by his younger brother. The younger brother and younger brother took care of the old man very well. I deeply appreciate and admire my brother and younger brother from the heart. In order to alleviate the burden on the younger brother, our sister three gave the younger brother some compensation in the economy, and the father��s food, clothing and medical expenses were all borne by our sister. Due to the working relationship, I can only go home once a week, bring some support to my father, wipe the body with my father, wash clothes, and clean the old father's room with his younger brother, but the smell is still haunting the room. Put on the blue water, spray the air freshener, point the flies, try to provide a warm and comfortable environment for the old father, so that the old man feels comfortable and more conducive to the treatment of the disease. Before his father was ill, he was a clean and neat person. He did everything like a demon. The disease eroded the health of the elderly, could not communicate with others, could not express his thoughts, could not walk in the streets, and could not realize his ideals of life Marlboro Lights. Living and dying, that is the status quo that ordinary people can't change. They can only go with the flow. They sigh the fragility and sadness of life. The quartz clock on the silent night wall is more clear, and the thoughts are deeper and longer.
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