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comrades went out
Posted by: ylq
Date: August 15, 2019 09:00PM
comrades went out and went to the hometown of Jialai, the comrade-in-arms of Guangdong who went with me to Fujian. In the county town, we met the comrade-in-arms Gui Heng who returned to the hometown, so I went to Guiheng with him for dozens of miles away. Gui Heng��s home was repaired in the middle of the mountain. During the day, he led me to the mountain to pick wild fruits, or went to the orange garden of his home. It was idle. Two people sat on the ground and played a kind of landlord��s poker game. An orange. Oranges are only slightly sour, but one afternoon, two people are sour in the stomach, like a woman pregnant. When the weather was dark, we both rode a mountain bike, went to the town, and bought the vegetables back. Gui Heng personally cooked, but came up, but it was a large dish of yuba and fried meat, and then opened a bottle of rice wine, no time, a bottle of wine and a dish of light. In fact, there are other dishes on the table, but I can't remember it. Guiheng��s parents spoke in a local dialect. In the ten sentences, I would understand half of the sentence at most. Most of the time, I left Gui and Heng on the wine table. For nearly a month, Guiheng and I ate a plate of yuba and fried meat every night. It was only three days before I left the time to report back to the hospital, and I reluctantly offered my resignation. The night in the mountains was a little cold, but when I was drinking with Gui Heng Newport Cigarettes, Guiheng��s mother was squatting in the house, and I said that I didn��t need to pack it. I can't understand the words of Guiheng's mother. Guiheng said, don't worry, this is our custom here. It is necessary to send off the guests. I stopped talking about it, only to find that the scorpion was different from ours in the north, not only with peanuts inside, but also with meat. Gui Heng��s mother was black and thin, but she was busy late, and even busy with my sleep. The next morning, the day was just bright Marlboro Red, I got out of bed, only to find that Guiheng��s mother had cooked the dumplings. The scorpion is rectangular and heavy, but the mother of Guiheng keeps putting it in my bag, even though I stop it again and again. Later, I got on the train and counted, and there were nearly thirty. I ate the scorpion all the way and stepped away from Guangdong. I met a Yanbian youth in the car. I also took out a few dice to share with him. In the fall of this year, I suddenly got tired of the inherent life. I came to Guangdong and seemed to be bright. Then, I hid my own text in the house all day long. One morning, I suddenly received a call from Jialai. Jia received the letter and asked me when to go to him. I asked Gui Heng, Jia said that I did not contact him after I left, and I forgot to go to his home. A winding road was suddenly displayed in front of me. I was excited to say that I remember to go with them. Putting down the phone, I can no longer return to my own text. In the evening, I sat on the stone bench in the street and looked at the night sky. The wind was already a little cold. I thought of it, and I had nothing to do with Gui Heng. I have been there for more than a decade, and in these ten years, we have What have you done? In the Chinese character pile, I suddenly felt like a woman. It took me more than a decade, but I only learned a few kinds of sweater weaving patterns. The stars in the sky kept flashing in the night sky, looking at me, still There are all the people in this world. From that cloud, I faintly saw that Gui Heng was thief thief poked his head and said that you waited Cigarettes For Sale, I went to get a bottle of rice wine. Said a flash disappeared. I looked at the night sky, the moon has been quietly drilled out of the clouds, the clear light and the lights on the street illuminate each other, like the thick wine from all directions, surrounded me in an instant, drowned.

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