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Jin Yong's fever has
Posted by: ylq
Date: April 09, 2019 10:20PM
Jin Yong's fever has been popular in the land of China. It can be said that it has already cooled down. The author is writing this kind of article now, obviously late, but the author can't care much, because the author has something to say. There are many to see. People who have passed Jin Yong's martial arts novels say that Jin Yong is longer than storytelling and rich in literary imagination, so his martial arts novels can attract readers in this way. Indeed, the author of the martial arts novels such as "Golden Heroes" does not look much, but especially likes to watch. His "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "The God of the Gods". The author of these two books has said that it has not been seen how many times, but as soon as he sees the descriptions listed below in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", The author always feels that some places are not so good for the first-hand scholars. "Zhu Cong is the first to appear. He "holds a broken black paper with a slick paper". When he passes by Yan Honglie, he stretches out the folding fan and shoots on Yan Honglie��s shoulder. He stole his forty-five silvers, but Yan Yanhong did not detect it. The author thinks that this is impossible! Silver is not the banknotes used now. The silver is very heavy. The dozens of silvers are put together. It must be heavy. How can the owner��s house be stolen without feeling a bit? Especially "The Thousand Miles" is the ring that is worn on the hand Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale, that is, "��ǧ��", in order to show the superior internal strength, once in front of everyone, "swing out with the right hand and swinging outwards, palms hit the cup", put a cup of wine It was a whole circle of flatness. In fact, it was the ring that he used the diamond on the ring to secretly punch the cup with a very deep impression. He was also secretly taken off by the "Master Book". However, "��ǧ��" actually does not know that it can be said that these are the "hard injuries" in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", and can also be said to be "low-level mistakes." Although many readers have written articles pointing out various mistakes or flaws in Jin Yong's martial arts novels, the author has never seen anyone discover these "low-level mistakes". I have no choice but to take the liberty to point out each time to reprint my own martial arts novels. Before, "Golden Heroes" will seriously modify their own works. I really hope that "Golden Heroes" can see this short article of the author Newport Box 100'S. In fact, the author should write this article when he first reads this book, so that he can let the "Golden Heroes" know the author earlier. The above view. Now I can only make up for it. One thing that is gratifying is that the author did not think that the manuscript should be sent to the newspapers in Hong Kong, but now it can be easily sent from the Internet. Therefore, in order to allow the "Golden Heroes" to see the author's essay in time, more than half a month ago Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes, the author has sent the first draft of this essay to Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale, which has great influence on local readers and even the global Chinese. went. If you are fortunate enough to use this article in Ta Kung Pao, "Golden Heroes" will definitely see it and will definitely pay attention to it. Although "Golden Heroes" is 90 years old Marlboro Lights Online, the author is convinced that as a generation of martial arts literature masters, he will still do his best, once again seriously modify and improve his martial arts masterpiece.

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