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Once again came t
Posted by: ylq
Date: April 09, 2019 10:20PM
Once again came to the country. Sitting under the shade of the tree Newport Menthol Shorts, I feel that the wind in the countryside is more refreshing than in the city. The spacious courtyard is coming from all directions, and "Hula La" is a burst of air, blowing people's comfort. Seeing the rows of neat rows of corn in the field, the large corn leaves are bright and green, and then I understand why there is a word of "green oil", too accurate and too vivid. Or the country people will live too much, too rich in life. You see, the row is the bean shelf, this row is the cucumber shelf, there is a row of loofah shelves Cigarettes Wholesale Price, and there is a row of tomato shelves here... the vines and vines are stalked Cigarette Cartons For Cheap, stalked, and covered A hospital. The shelf is really fine, and it is a good way to plant crops at a glance, otherwise it will not be so symmetrical. Picking up a cucumber, it is crisp and tender, it is this taste, I love this taste home, after the house, the riverside ditch, planted with fruit trees, now full of fruit: peaches, pears, persimmons... ��, that There is also a pomegranate on the side, and the green leaves are also covered with green and red fruits. In the fall, this family can have a good fortune. The most eye-catching thing is that the watermelons on the big field are as big as the big bowls. The hospitality in the country is so warm and simple. In the chicken circle behind the house, there was a chicken, and a duck was caught in the riverside duck ring Newport Cigarette Price. On the other side, the cockroach and muddy cockroaches were collected from the head of the house. The vegetables were at home. A burst of smoke and smoke, the dishes are full. Filled with a table of dishes, I still said that the reception was not good. The vocals on the table are ridiculous, talkative and laughter, no fuss, and drink in a big bowl. The main family doesn't care about how much you drink, but you can't live up to the passion of the main family, the two girls and the children. Playing crazy, screaming with a net bag, chasing the hustle and bustle of the sunset, sprinkling the laughter of the land, the night of the country is quiet, there is no loud music, no dazzling colorful neon lights Some are just a quiet night sky, and a starry day. You can enjoy the beautiful picture in Ba Jin's "Stars", and trace the way when the magical giant in his star sky ran away, see the street landscape belt Cheap Newport 100, and graft the rose flowers on the edge of the country fence. In the tree, it became a rose tree, but it was also very colorful, but I always felt that the flower was a bit dazzling, is the flower beautiful? The thick trunk and the thin branches, I don��t think it looks like it is uncoordinated. . Although it is a splendid tree, but the beauty that has been distorted, I am really unacceptable. Even the swallows like the countryside without security doors and windows. You see, it is so comfortable in the sky in the countryside.

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