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Misty smoke, rain an
Posted by: ylq
Date: March 12, 2019 04:26AM
Misty smoke, rain and shadow. Bamboo shadows are faintly visible, and small buildings are independent. Jingyi, lotus pond chair, small bridge running water. The world is bustling, and it��s rare to have a quiet and quiet drizzle. Sitting on the squatting, sitting on a plain paper, it is difficult to write a heartbreak, I don��t know when it started, and I gradually forget it. I don��t know what I forgot. When I started writing a few times, I couldn��t find where I was going. I really wanted to have such a bamboo building. I forgot all the hard nights, but I woke up. A few long sighs, red dust. Tired of running around, what have you gone down? What have you got? Dare to ask, is the value? No one can answer. I ordered a cigarette and looked at the smog that was rising. I saw some pictures in my mind, and my eyes gradually became confused and deep. Recalling that life chores, unwillingness in the heart Newport 100S Cigarettes, even if they are powerless but not willing to give up, this becomes an indelible obscurity floating up, a few want to get drunk, a few want to wake up, a few tangled, a few times. Wandering in a foreign land, who can follow? Who can solve the pain in the heart? A pot of wine, a month, see the world of dust Newports 100S... Just, the wine can not be solved in the throat. Cook a pot of tea, gently watering cup. Rising up the white mist, twisting and twisting, metamorphosis. Pick up the teacup, savor the taste, and the green tea soup is full of bitterness. Going down the throat, full of mouthfuls. A faint astringency gives birth to a sweet fragrance. Like life... I never felt that the poetry of life was a luxury, even if I was not rich enough to go to the autumn, the years of rotation, the red dust, the world reincarnation. Unbeaten is the flower, always reveals its own beauty Newport Menthol Cigarettes, the endless is the human condition, there are always many heart-warming stories Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Gongshang whispered, the string resonance, Zeng Yi flute. I don��t know how empty the gap is, and who is old? Only stay in the small building outside the mountain to listen to the rain in the night, the lonely light is empty, and the empty city. It really should be the same sentence: the rain is falling, the old hometown is deep. You are right, I am still a person. Maybe it��s really growing up in loneliness, and it��s really strong in pretending to be strong Newports 100. However, sitting in the sea every day, guarding the empty city with only one person left, I wonder what is waiting for? Waiting for this person to return to the sun, the autumn river is cold, and the geese are back. Between the hands of the hand, the past, the past, the scattered. I didn��t ask for a few extras of leisure, and I hated it more. No matter what, where is it, the thoughts are flying, it is difficult to get a pen. Sighing life, how can you be sad, thousands of times, and who are you waiting for

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