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When I was a child, I grew
Posted by: ylq
Date: January 03, 2019 02:03AM
When I was a child, I grew up in the poem of "When Wohe, noon, sweat dripping down the earth." Every time I took the book and looked at the inanimate square, I always shouted that it was boring. Reading is I have a headache, but after I experienced this, I me I was on the spur of the moment, from the bookcase there was an "Animal Encyclopedia", looking at it one by one. Two of these animals have attracted my great attention, namely cockroaches and ostriches. The book describes: ��� and ostrich look silso a coincidence that on the second day after reading this book, Dad said that he would take us to the Fuyang Wildlife Park to experience it. On that day, our family arrived in Fuyang on schedule. According to the procedure, we got on the sightseeing car. After the car passed around a few bends, we drove into the car dealership area. The first few tigers were introduced. They rushed down from the mountains and roared. Fighting for food. After passing through the tiger's site Marlboro Red 100S Cheap Carton, the car drove into the home of the donkey. Because the dragonfly shaped like an ostrich, many of the same tourists began to scream the ostrich ostrich loudly. After they are finished calling. I stood up and said with confidence: "This is awkward, not an ostrich is just a shape..." The voice just turned off the car and it sounded like a thunderous applause. The tour guide also praised me in public. My face slammed red, and the ears were hot, and both hands kept squatting. The car, all the way open, my mood is getting better and better Buy Wholesale Cigarettes Online, because the animal encyclopedia in the zoo has been introduced, such as: hawthorn, pony, small pig, etc., I am full of praise for my introduction to the visitors. Even the guide lady is not as good as herself. book is like an omniscient mentor. We should be a good student who is "sensitive and eager to learn, not shameful to ask."addition to parents and teachers, the alma mater is the guide for us to move forward. She laid the foundation for us early in order to prevent the setbacks and tribulations encountered in the future life, because only then, the house will not collapse easily! Counting the days, leaving my alma mater and the teacher for a few days! I don't know what I will do when I leave. Is it crying? Still pretending to be calm? These are the things of the future. I don��t want to, but theough I was transferred to this school in the fourth grade, although I am not studying here from the first grade, my friendship with the school will not change! Others will definitely think that I am a white-eyed wolf, and I will definitely say that I have no feelings for Huchang Primary School! In fact Cheapest Marlboro 100 Cigarettes, on the contrary, I will say that you are! I have lived here for nearly three years. How can there be no trace of feelings? Why, how can there be no trace of care? Even a mentally retarded person will have feelings! I once said: Where did I graduate from, where is my alma mater! This is beyond doubt! In the past three years, I have seen it in my heart. That's because I don't want to lose my memory of my alma mater when I grow up! So I have to remember the things that are broken with sesame seeds and never forget them!hough we moved to a new school, what impressed me the most was the oldest pine tree in the old school's camphor garden. He stood in a flower bed in the center of the camphor garden, the only flower bed. He stood proudly in the cold and hot summer, never surpassed people! Just watching our children in joy, contributing to ourselves in obscurity! It was exceptionally hot that day, I don��t know why, the old pine trees are exceptionally shady. All the children ran over and played games while enjoying the cool. I think the old pine tree is how innocent and cute it is to see our children. Only hard to stretch out his arms and his big hands to enjoy the cool for us! I admire the tenacity of the old pine trees and admire the selflessness of the old pine trees!sed to like physical education classes very much, because once I got to the physical education class Marlboro 100'S Online, I could run under the old pine trees and enjoy the cold! I don't feel how wonderful it is! Physical education classes can eat, so while enjoying the cold under the old pine trees while holding ice cream, the taste will never be forgotten! Although the physical education class always makes us sweat Marlboro 100S Cigarettes, we are very happy, because we can enjoy the care of the grandfather of pine trees!e my alma mater because she brought me a lot of laughter and laughter, and also made me realize some life philosophy! Therefore, I sincerely hope that my alma mater will be better and better! Some words, I don't want to say too early, but I have to say: Goodbye, my dear alma mater! I will always remember your nurture!

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