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Posted by: materman
Date: September 25, 2013 06:40PM
I know there was Some kinda of tiff among the wheels of this forum and I am sorry that it happened. But what amazes me and I can't figure why all the others that are avid fishermen with a wealth of knowledge to share stopped posting too. Tablerock was a big enough man to still post a few after the panties got bunched up on a couple of the guys. In fact one of the last posts I read By Coyote whacker was telling about Tablerocks demise. I could always count on Marty to drop me a private message on what was happening at the "rock' Sure do miss him. Sure do miss all the guys that used to post on this site also and by the way "powerdive' u still owe me for all those veggies I brought you at the meeting........ I remember I was supposed to have recieved a Mess of Walleye from you. Still waiting.. only been about three years, but who's counting. hey tell you what!! forget about the mess of walleye. I will settle for a few posts on the walleye forum from you. I don't care where You live or where you fish. Just be glad to hear from you and all the others. I'm sure a lot of people still log onto the old site would be glad too. as for me, I haven't fished but twice this summer so niothing to report, but starting next week will be back on Tablerock Trollen, trollen, trollen . Keep those reefrunners rollen Headem up movem out Just like coyotewhacker taught me. materman

Re: forum
Posted by: coyotewhacker
Date: September 26, 2013 09:53PM
I'm afraid the "good ol days" are long gone and won't be back, Materman. I hung up my walleye gear after the
"tiff" you mentioned and did not go back on the water for over three years. The boat and all the trolling gear sit unused in the barn. I finally accepted an invitation to go fishing on Stockton with my good friend, Guvner, who also owns this site. We had a nice morning on the water, but I took live bait gear and had to long line. It was good to get back out, and nailed a large female white bass on the second pass out in Sons Creek, but that was it for the day. If there is a next time, it will be with cranks and leadcore for more depth control.
While the forum was in its heyday, I devoted a lot of hours to the lake and to the forum. Things happened that I could not accept, the entire crew bailed and I have no contact with any of them. The Mid South Walleye Assn
was no longer financially viable and was dissolved a couple of months later. That's really all I know. I now spend my time as a member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association doing what I can to make life better for our living veterans.

A man has got to know his limitations.
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